Photo Synthesis

Click the link below to access the pictures and information for today’s lesson.27-0701a

Great Depression Photos


SDC Surveys

Please complete BOTH surveys below. For more information about these surveys, see below. Thank you!

SDC Student Experience Survey

SDC Programming Survey 

We cannot spend a day in your shoes as students at SDC. The best we can do is collect your opinions and see what we learn. We are using these surveys to better understand what life at SDC is like for students. Please be honest with us! We will use this information to reflect on what we’re doing well and what we need to improve. We will then make decisions about classes, instruction, and programming based on your feedback.



Reading Help- Of Mice and Men

Follow this link for a variety of resources to help with reading.

This link will bring you directly the the audiobook for chapter 2.

Happy reading!



Beginning “Fences”

There is now a page on our website810-1v6ew2L (scroll down on the left menu) devoted to resources for “Fences.” True, there isn’t a ton, but what’s there might help… especially the resources from Schmoop.


Even More Think Ready Help

Alright… I really can’t give you much more than this (and maybe this is even too much). Follow this hyperlink to an EmailExample to see an example of what a mastery-level email would look like.



Think Ready

It’s been a while, friends! By now, you should be pretty far into your Think Ready. While most of what you need is available on, I thought I would include some more information here.

Check out these links for additional help in completing your Think Ready.